Altcointurk Enterprise


“Good people, good business”


Altcointurk is the Turkish cryptocurrency community that started to operate with the motto “Good People, Good Business”, and that prioritizes “human and ethical values”.

Since 2017, we brought together people seeking information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It is open to all crypto enthusiasts who try to obtain knowledge and share it with other people. Our goal is to create a Turkish information network for the cryptocurrency market and to offer it to end users free of charge.

After bringing people together on various chat applications, we started the #KriptoCuma event to facilitate face-to-face meetings. KriptoCuma activities allowed us to follow and to lead trends of the ecosystem. Altcointurk has launched the website and forum in order to ensure a continuous flow of information and to reach more people.

Later Altcointurk founded Trader Base in Istanbul, a first-of-its-kind in the world to create the center of crypto and blockchain ecosystem in Turkey. Altcointurk aims to provide free flow of information within the ecosystem and to bring people together. Its sustainability relies on consultancy services and products.




“A meeting point for people who share this passion”

#KriptoCuma (#CryptoFriday) started in the second quarter of 2018 to bring all people interested in blockchain technology together in an egalitarian environment.

#KriptoCuma allows attendees to exchange ideas about the market and to understand the psychology of the community and to socialize with new friends bypassing virtual identities.

Our #KriptoCuma event is held every Friday night at Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base located in Kadıköy, İstanbul. With sponsorship agreements, we organize #KriptoCuma events in different cities of Turkey using the hashtag #KriptoCumaYollarda (#CryptoFridayOnTheRoad).


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Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base

“The social meeting point of cryptocurrency enthusiasts”

The concept of Altcointurk | Trader Base was created to meet the need for a workspace and a meeting point where crypto enthusiasts could work together.

Our long term main goal is to make sure Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is well recognized in Turkey. Thought and use of technology is rapidly evolving. We want to help our country align with this paradigm shift and raise awareness among our people.

Since December 1st, 2019 we continue to contribute to the ecosystem under the name of Altcointurk I FTX Trader Base with our main partner FTX .

Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base has been designed considering the needs of investors, as an open office to offer various trainings and activities. Here, we facilitate various trainings such as Blokchain 101, programming languages and different fields of personal development.

There is also a market session room in Altcointurk | FTX HUB where the participants can perform technical analysis and track live prices on multiple monitors.


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Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base Main Sponsorship

As Altcointurk, we are very pleased to announce the partnership agreement we have made with @FTX , one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

With FTX as our main partner, our new name is Altcointurk I FTX Trader Base and we continue to make greater contributions to the ecosystem.


Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base Outdoor Sponsorship

Altcointurk Trader Base is located in İstanbul, Kadıköy, Suleyman Paşa Street, just 350 meters away from the iconic Bull Statue. We serve as an open office and incubation center for traders and cryptocurrency investors.

With your brand logo to be displayed in Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base entrance area, an average view rate of 5,000 people/day would be a realistic expectation. In addition to that, match days of the nearby Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium increases this number to 10,000. It is offered as an effective space to increase your brand awareness.


Altcointurk | Academy Sponsorship

The entrance area of Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base is designed as a 23 square meter training center with a 6-people meeting table and LCD monitors in the foyer area. In this section, we can increase the physical interaction with your brand by organizing trainings and activities that emphasize your brand.

Moreover, Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base will setup an office/workplace in this section to provide visitors information about your brand. For the opportunity to establish close contact with all visitors, Altcointurk recommends to employ a “VIP Customer Service Staff”.


Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base KIOSK & Internet Corner Sponsorship

In the Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base foyer, a kiosk & Internet Corner area that has your brand will be located in front of 2 large LCD monitors where crypto traders follow the market.

This area will be equipped with a connected device to provide Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base visitors a secure environment to make their transactions and to interact with your brand. As it is located exactly at the entrance of the Base, this point will be noticed by every visitor.


Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base Catering Sponsorship

Alongside of #KriptoCuma events that take place at Friday nights in Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base, our Catering Sponsor TrueFeedBackChain offers visitors complimentary refreshments such as tea, coffee and water with branded cups.

Visitors are informed about TrueFeedBackChain sponsorship that makes these offerings possible.


Altcointurk | FTX HUB and Market Monitor Sponsorship

Altcointurk | FTX HUB is a shared work area. For the comfort of cryptocurrency traders, it features 3 LED monitors to allow following the market with a high speed and secure internet infrastructure. Altcointurk | FTX HUB presents FTX charts on its main monitor during all events, meetings and trainings within the scope of a brand sponsorship. Additionally a sticker of Altcointurk | FTX HUB is placed on the wall to indicate our partnership and to mark the name of the HUB.

You can rent one of the TV monitors in Altcointurk | FTX HUB to display your brand logo or website.



Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base Internet Sponsorship

100 Mbps and highly secure Hot-Spot Wi-fi that provides internet access to Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base will display your brand on its interface. Everyone should use this page to connect to internet in our facility.


Altcointurk & KriptoCuma Product Promotion Events

You can check with Altcointurk to learn about suitable KriptoCuma (CryptoFriday) event dates to promote your brand and project to our attendees. With this promotion event you can increase interaction with your branded rool-up and promotion products. You will have a presentation of your project for a maximum of 30 minutes and provide an environment where you can answer the questions of our attendees. You can give prizes to our attendees with a small competition.


Altcointurk Trivia Telegram Competition

With Altcointurk Triva Telegram Competition, you can ask questions about your brand to the community via Telegram, and increase your brand awareness with airdrops or prizes.

We have two different competition options for your brand.

  1. You can interact with our community in a Trivia competition on Altcointurk Telegram Channel.
  2. You can rent our Trivia competition to interact with your own community on your own Telegram Channel.



Altcointurk Kahoot Competition

For the attendants of our #KriptoCuma events, we organize Kahoot Quiz competitions at Altcointurk | FTX Trader Base. You can be a sponsor to competition with your brand and ask questions about your project. You can introduce your brand to our attendants through gamification.


You can watch our Kahoot Quiz competition with ANKR Network.

Altcointurk Football Team Carpet Field Events

You can be a sponsor to our Altcointurk Football Team – Carpet Field Events which we perform regularly every week. With this sponsorship, you place your brand logo on our shirts with two different designs or we can increase your interaction on Twitter with small sweepstakes for match announcements from Twitter.


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